The Miracle Is Not a Fire

This fire has been burning for 4,000 years

If a fire was burning for 4,000 years, it would be burning hot enough that it would be extinguished with water in two minutes — assuming water is available and there’s no ice, like from ice ages.

This is not a fire. A fire is a burning object. The fact that it is burning at all is a miracle. We’ve seen many such miracles, for example lightning that lights up the sky and the sun comes out when there’s a thunderstorm, which is why we call them miracles, rather than mere accidents. In this case, the fire was not burning, but was extinguishing itself. The miracle was that the fire was not extinguished at all.

When you understand something, it no longer appears miraculous.

And the word you quoted, “miracle,” came from the Greek word μύλoς, which means “man” or “I.” The earliest manuscripts of the Bible contain the words μύλoς καίδωσω, which translates as “I give thanks to the Lord.” This word is found in the Psalms, and it is a constant reminder that everything we do is a miracle. In the Old Testament, there are over 800 Psalms, which mean “all is vanity,” or “there is not one thing of which man is worthy.” The point is, all we do is a miracle, every single thing.

Why did the Creator have to put His miracle together?

There was no way to get the fire out. The only thing that could have done that was if there was a hole in the ice that was big enough to put the fire in, but there wasn’t one. That’s what the scientists told us. And the scientists said there wasn’t one. They said there’s no hole large enough to put the fire in. That’s why they gave us ice ages.

The problem was, we can’t just give up and say, “That’s it. There’s nothing left to do.” What can we do? We could invent ice skates to get around, and we could invent airplanes. We could make solar panels that work 24 hours a day to collect the sun’s energy, but even that would take hundreds of years, and you can’t do that in

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