The Dodgers are a Bandwagon

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners.

June 14, 2013


I am not surprised the Dodgers were defeated in their first attempt at the playoffs. They have been on their way to becoming a major league team for quite some time.

This is the same team that went from a top-10, to a top-15 team in only 5 years. With some of the best player and manager in the game (Barry Bonds, Stan Kasten), they were one of the better teams in the last decade, and then they got absolutely blown out in a playoff series.

Of course, this year’s team has not been the same as last year. There has definitely been a struggle and inconsistency that has caused the fans to lose hope. The reason being is, the Dodgers have been unable to come together as a team. They have had problems on the field, but I believe the problem is deeper, and I believe that if they can overcome all of their issues, they will surprise the rest of the league in the long run.

This is an example of the “bandwagon” that a lot of people have. If I was a fan of the Chicago Cubs, then I would root for the Brewers for the playoffs.

The Cubs were never really competitive. They had a great starting rotation, strong bullpen, and if you look at the team from the end of the 1970’s to the mid 1990s, they were one of the best teams in baseball.

What went wrong was the Cubs got caught with their pants down. Their roster had some of the best players in baseball, but management couldn’t keep the team together, and they never had a winning tradition like management has had with the Dodgers.

Also, manager Lou Piniella had the biggest ego in the game and the Cubs management were afraid to let him be the manager. I think the Cubs went from a contending team to a rebuilding team in one year where they went from 95 wins to 88 wins.

Of course, as the Cubs rebuild, they have to go through a few of their younger players, and let some of their veterans go. But they�

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