Mommies for Mitt: Donate $100 or more to protect reproductive freedom in America

Dem-allied ad campaign warns voters that GOP will take away birth control if they run Congress

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have spent the better part of a year attacking the Affordable Care Act, often with a straight face. Then they flip the script by warning women that if they vote for Mitt Romney, Republicans will force them into an employer mandate and “take away” birth control.

If the two GOP candidates are so interested in women’s reproductive rights, why on earth are they using a Romney/Ryan ad on CNN that has been debunked repeatedly?

The GOP has been attempting to get women’s reproductive rights downplayed — and often ridiculed — for years with ads that claim women would be made infertile if they went along with “Obamacare” and that Republicans wouldn’t leave women alone at the doctor’s office.

But these latest ads by the Romney/Ryan campaign are the most blatant yet in their attempt to bully women into voting against the Republican Party. In the Ryan ad, which was released this week, a woman says, “We have to decide whether we’re going to be a part of Obama’s America or Romney’s America.”

And then, in the background, she says: “And we don’t want our children to have to suffer like Mitt Romney’s four daughters, who couldn’t get regular appointments at the doctor, or Mitt’s wife’s children, who had to give birth the old fashioned way.”

That is enough to make even the staunchest women’s rights advocate cringe.

In case you are one of those women who is disgusted by the ad and just doesn’t care about women’s reproductive rights, you can donate to an organization which is fighting to keep abortion legal, reproductive freedom and women safe:

Mommies for Mitt: Donate $100 or more to help protect reproductive freedom in America

(Mothers for Mitt) is a group of mothers who are united in their opposition to the GOP’s attacks on reproductive freedom and women’s rights.

They have written an op ed for Mother Jones titled “Gays and Republicans: No Compromise” which is so powerful it is required reading in our school library.

The group’s executive director, Bethany Holt, says the GOP’s message

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