The Council on Black Affairs’ Videotape Is a Racist, Violent Manifesto

Abcarian: In that racist leaked recording, L.A. sees its true reflection — and it’s ugly

It may be a stretch, but the L.A. City Council’s video recording that was leaked to the website NextShark is actually an accurate portrayal of the city’s racism.

That’s right. As an openly racist, violent group of black men — known as the Council on Black Affairs (COBA) — tells the world about their agenda, they say things and do things about which they are proud.

And the council’s racist, violent agenda is even worse than what is on the videotape. All of the racism is on the video. And it makes the city look like a far more dangerous, violent place than it is.

The video was leaked at the Council on Black Affairs’ second-annual meeting last week in West Hollywood. It’s about 30 minutes long, and begins with the council’s spokesman, Tony Ponce, announcing: “We’re at the point where our leaders are going to have to come out and speak for the Black community, because that is where the real danger lies.”

One of the council members, Anthony Perez, goes on to make a racist speech about the city’s “stupid” mayor, an argument that ends in a racist and violent rant about the city’s “stupid” mayor, a man who’s also a black man.

“You know how stupid he is,” Perez says. “He’s like a baby.”

“Baby?” his counterpart, Councilman Gil Cedillo, interrupts. “Baby like that? Baby who doesn’t know anything, who doesn’t read?”

A few minutes later, Perez makes a racist remark about black men in the city — the remark that gets him suspended. “I can do that to a white man,” he says, according to the NextShark report. “I can do that to a woman. I can do that to a Latino person.”

As the council members rant and rave about the “stupidity” of the mayor and his “crappy” administration, Perez and Cedillo make racist jokes, including one about the city’s “stupid” mayor calling them “black asses.” (Cedillo’s joke about the

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