Kanye West’s “Famous” performance is the kind of moment when it doesn’t matter what he does

Kanye West Is Running Out of Platforms, Even on a Good Day

Kanye West’s recent performance of “Famous”, a medley of hits from his new album 4, was the sort of moment when it doesn’t really matter what he does. The world has been calling for him to take off his “hood” and grow up, and while there are still plenty of people who are curious about that particular conversation, the world has moved on. I think the last time West got this much press for doing anything was when he did his “Father Stretch My Hands” music video, which was one of the most popular features of the video game God of War.

West’s performance of “Famous” was one of the few things that could have really made the world move, if he had just followed through. The best thing about the whole thing, really, is that even being so close to a hit, West still performed and performed well, despite all the attention.

At the beginning of his performance, West asked for it to be a “big show” and not just a “good show”, which is something that can be hard to do sometimes. On the other hand, he did seem to have fun, even though he was clearly nervous. But he brought it back to a good place when he talked about how he had felt the year before while preparing for the album and the “I’m not trying to be arrogant or arrogant in some sense, but I’m a professional business man.” Good to know.

It seems like he’s running into the same issue with the lack of mainstream support that he had with his album, and it’s only going to get harder to get more attention.

He is going to continue to release songs while he’s selling out arenas and getting more coverage, which is one of the most common ways artists get a following. This is what’s causing the issue.

The way that he has been able to move through the world with his music is by releasing music on a regular and consistent basis. If he wants

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