Tory’s comments about Martinez were part of a “political game”

De León vows: ‘I will not resign.’ Council president says apology isn’t enough

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A day after announcing she would resign from the City Council, Council President Elsa Martínez De León vowed that her actions were not connected to the recent controversy surrounding two of her council aides.

“I am doing this because I have the responsibility to represent the residents of the city, not for any of the political games that have been played,” Martinez said.

She was reacting to comments by Mayor John Tory — made Sunday night — describing her as being “a puppet of the city manager.” Tory’s comments were widely criticized, as he was accused of putting his political and personal power before that of the city manager.

Martinez also said she hoped other women who have stepped forward to publicly accuse men of sexual misconduct could “be supported and listened to.”

Tory’s comments about Martinez came after he suggested she and three other council women were conspiring against him.

In an open letter, Tory said his comments were “part of a broader campaign by city management to discredit me, my staff and the council.”

In a statement, City Manager Shelley Carroll said Tory “has never made such a slur against any public official.”

“As Mayor, I wish Mayor Tory would have the courage to confront his accusers and own his mistakes,” she said.

As a council member, she also defended her actions.

“I am not hiding anything. My staff are working with police and in every interview, we have said I have never been in a relationship with this man. These lies are being used against me,” she said.

At one point, Councillor Janet Davis was asked about the mayor’s claims, and said a reporter from the Toronto Star was calling in to ask if the city manager and councillor were conspiring against Tory.

But in a follow-up statement, she said she had not been aware of any such meeting

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