Dave Chappelle’s “California Comedy Tour” is a Big Success

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle join forces for California comedy tour

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4—If the subject has ever been raised with Dave Chappelle, a common response is: “But you used to be on TV!” But that is not an argument that Chappelle’s career and a tour of the far-reaching Los Angeles area he is promoting this weekend, called California Comedy Tour, has ever been considered. Chappelle has never been on TV—but Comedy Central has.

This is not the first time Comedy Central has covered the Chappelle-Rock concert tour, which started in 2008 and recently wrapped up in Oakland, California, on August 29. In 2010, Comedy Central hosted a show featuring the comedian’s standup comedy, but the tour had not yet begun. It was first announced that Chappelle was going on the tour this year in February, to coincide with the release of Chappelle’s second standup comedy album, “Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Presents: Live in L.A.” The tour’s final date in San Francisco was February 12. The California Comedy Tour is scheduled to visit 21 venues across the state beginning on Saturday, August 4, and ending on Sunday, August 5.

The tour will run for a month and will feature Chappelle, Dave Chappelle and Rock, and a full lineup of comedy talent that includes George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Ricki Lake, Hannibal Buress, Chelsea Handler, Marc Maron, and more than 20 special guests and standup comedians who are appearing as part of Chappelle’s “California Comedy Tour.”

“Comedy has been really important to me, and it has been an important foundation of my career,” Chappelle said in a statement released by Comedy Central. “I’ve had a long and winding road of comedy success, and it’s one of my biggest achievements.”

“I think it’s important to showcase the amazing talent found in the city (of Los Angeles),” said Dave Chappelle’s press rep, Brian Clements. “It’s like one giant comedy university. The people of Los Angeles have all the

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