The NFL’s Super Bowl Rejuvenation

Why Are the Giants and Jets Still Considered Underdogs?

It’s been a season of redemption for the New York sports media, as the New York Giants earned a 4-2 record in a terrible season while their New York Jets earned the same record in a disappointing season. The NFL season so far has not been a story of success. The NFL has struggled to find ratings and revenue. With the NFL under fire and the state of the NFL owners, the league, and teams, the NFL’s brand remains untouchable. The most recent example is the NFL’s Super Bowl, which has been a financial disaster so far for the NFL, the league, and its teams.

As the NFL faces a massive problem with ratings and revenue at the hands of a declining television ratings market, one media outlet seems to have finally recognized that the NFL and its teams cannot continue to dominate the sports media and continue to be under the spotlight. As the NFL has faced more scrutiny for its declining revenues, the New York Jets and Giants have faced more scrutiny for their inability to continue to make the playoffs in the past 2 seasons. These teams were considered underdogs most of the season. While fans believed these teams could continue to make a playoff run, it proved that their teams were not able to do so.

The Jets were so under the radar this season that even their star quarterback, Geno Smith, was being under appreciated. The former Heisman Trophy winner of the University of Oregon was being overshadowed by others in the NFL. In fact, he finished the season 13th overall for quarterbacks. He took some heat from some fans because of the number of fumbles he would take, but Smith still finished with 1,849 passing yards, 12 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

This year, the Jets looked to avoid the same fate as the Giants, who were the biggest underdogs to the playoffs again this season. The Jets finished 4-12, and the Giants were even worse, finishing 3-13. The Giants received a ton of praise and praise for their success and their turnaround from the previous season, but the Jets’ quarterback, Geno Smith, was less than adequate. He

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