The first police dog to die in a Hollywood movie has been reborn as an online pet

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation after being shot

A police dog who took on a life of celebrity when she tried to save a person from a fire has been reborn as an online pet.

The dog’s rescue came after her owner had accidentally fired a gun at her – only for the bullet to go right through her body, sending shrapnel piercing through her chest.

But the owner had previously been able to get her to obey commands, and she became an instant internet sensation after she became the first dog to be killed in a Hollywood movie.

The incident occurred when the dog, named Pino, was on patrol in the city of São Paulo, where she was hit by a bullet, which also damaged her spine.

She was taken to the emergency department but doctors said it was too late and she was dead. To rescue Pino, her owner, Jéssica Dutra, called on her dog to go in front of a media camera and take out an attacker with absolute bravery.

At one minute, 25 seconds into the video, Pino is on the ground, trying to stop the car, which a man is driving in front of her, from hitting a cyclist they both tried to help.

A man takes the initiative to try and save Pino (YouTube / Ponte Preta)

This shows she was brave and was in a lot of pain. But she tried to calm him down, which led to an embarrassing situation for the man, who had to step out of the way as his car went through Pino’s chest.

She’s now back at home with her family and, although she is unlikely to return to work, she has since gone from being an internet sensation to making an appearance on the show Cops, which uses her death as an excuse for a new segment.

Speaking to the Mirror, the former police dog told how a bullet had pierced through the animal’s body.

“She died in her dream,” said Dutra.

“The gun was in a holster

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