Rafael Nadal: ‘We will be alone on the way to the locker room’

‘An important part of my life is leaving too,’ says emotional Rafael Nadal

‘An important part of my life is leaving too,’ says emotional Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has told of his sadness and depression at a loss of confidence amid disappointing results and the prospect of his first title defence in 10 years.

The five-time champion has said his world number one status is not just a matter of playing well, with the exception of two years ago.

In his first press conference as world No 1 after the French Open, Nadal said he had been overwhelmed by the support he had received since he was a teenager and was still working to recover from the disappointment of last year’s final against Roger Federer.

Nadal has been forced to cancel his holidays and cut short several family celebrations due to his poor form.

The world number one has said he is still having problems at Wimbledon, where his first match is due to go a couple of hours before a late-night TV audience as the event enters its final day.

‘If we go to Wimbledon, we will be alone on the way to the locker room. I have a very bad feeling about that,’ said the Spaniard.

Meanwhile, US authorities say they do not know whether a man arrested in Texas for allegedly making bomb threats had ties to militant Islamic groups.

The FBI says it is investigating at least 20 threats made against landmarks in Washington, D.C., since July.

FBI spokesman Brian Leary said on Friday that the FBI had not determined whether or not the threats, which were made on social media websites, were related to overseas militants.

A man suspected of making bomb threats at a Texas federal building has been arrested and charged with making false statements and obstruction of justice.

Warrant documents filed in Denton County, Texas, said Friday that authorities learned about the threats after receiving a tip-off on July 21.

The FBI says the caller indicated that someone was going to do’something’ at the facility in the Denton area that day.

The caller asked for the FBI to be notified following the threats, but indicated that the’something’ he was referring to was a bomb threat.

The man was arrested and charged with obstructing an investigation, and making a false statement.

Officers arrested the man at his home in

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