Oli London, 23, is finally living life the way she wants to

Influencer Oli London breaks down $300,000 cost of extensive surgeries to look like a Korean woman

Oli London, who changed her name after discovering that her looks are her biggest weapon, is a 23-year-old fitness model who was looking to become a YouTube sensation.

In fact, a few months after starting her “life-changing” transformation process, she was featured on the Vogue cover. For almost three years, she was a YouTube sensation who posted videos to her channel that combined fitness and fashion, and eventually got her first international showings.

But at the beginning, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into, as she had no idea what the consequences of her decision would be. Despite all the time and effort she put into her transformation, it was never a permanent one that would allow her to live life the way she wanted to, leading her eventually to consider changing back.

Now, three months after starting her transformation, London, from London, England, is finally living her life the way she wants to. She has had extensive surgeries to improve her body image, body parts that she didn’t even know were still there.

The 23-year-old model, who has more than 4.5 million Instagram followers, first started her transformation back in June when she began taking a “photoshoot diet” to improve her looks, before moving on to trying to find a way to “look and feel like the woman that God wanted me to be” and not the “man that I am.”

As time went on, her videos became bigger and better than what she had done before, even being featured on CNN when she was on vacation. London also learned the hard way that not everyone is going to like what you do, and not everyone appreciates your approach to the body that you have.

“I was very shy, but my videos made me confident, and I’ve been doing that work to make it look like a different woman,” she told People Magazine. “The transformation has been a real emotional journey for me. I’ve been able to change my name, my appearance, and the way I live

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