How to Get Emergency Alerts on Your Cell Phone

How to sign up for emergency alerts in Southern California

In Southern California, people are used to getting their morning news via TV, but what they may not know is that they are now getting emergency alerts delivered to their cellphones. However, if you miss your daily dose of the news, a recent study shows that it’s not a bad thing.

According to a new report by the Los Angeles Times, the average daily number of emergency alerts sent from the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Communication Center jumped to 1,000 yesterday, increasing from just over 3,000 per day in January.

The change in the number of emergency alerts sent was due to the decision by Sherriff’s offices in five counties to test the efficacy of their new cell phone notification system, which would alert residents when they have an alarm condition, as determined by the Sheriff’s Communications Center.

The Sheriff’s Communications Center has been offering emergency alerts in Southern California for several months.

The new system, which is funded by a grant from the California Department of Technology, is being tested in five counties in Southern California and is expected to be rolled out in many more areas.

If you don’t receive emergency alerts, you can turn them off by going to the Phone System Preferences or by going to the Mobile device Settings section in the Mobile Device Management section of the phone’s Settings menu.

Also, be sure to sign up for an account by going to your phone’s Mail settings. This will allow you to receive emergency alert messages. The system won’t work without an account.

If you have a new phone or if you find it difficult to set up an account, you can also contact one of the following service providers to set up an account.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that wireless or mobile phone service providers notify customers if their phone has an alarm

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