The Yellow Jersey

How a yellow jersey is dividing Brazil’s cycling cultureBy Rachelle D’Arpios |

What is a yellow jersey?

The yellow jersey is one of the most famous bike jerseys in sport. The yellow jersey is the most coveted of all jersey numbers. As the team leader, only the leader can wear it.

The yellow jersey is for the top riders in the sport not only in the WorldTour but in any sport. When the men win the race, the yellow jersey is worn over the blue or green jersey.

It is a symbol of the leader and the best. For me personally, it symbolizes my love for my sport. It is a trophy I’ve always wanted. The one I was not allowed to have growing up in Italy.

The WorldTour has an entire league for cyclists called the Tour de France. The Tour de France is a cycling race of six stages that are held in November and December. In the Tour de France, the riders wear pink jerseys and yellow jerseys as leaders.

The yellow jersey is what I call my ‘official jersey’. But it is not just for the leader of the Tour de France. It has been passed to the riders that the WorldTour gives gold medals and the riders are also given medals. That is how much the yellow jersey means to me.

Because for me, my first love is cycling. I started to ride when I was six years old. I rode my bike wherever I was at. I was not always allowed to ride my bike. I had to pedal the bike on the streets and fields.

I would bike to school when other kids were not allowed to ride to school. I rode it to the mall and I rode it to the park. I rode it to the beach in front of the school, on the back of the school. I rode my bike everywhere.

I started to win medals when I was young. I won in the European Junior championships I did the same in the international championships for cyclists who are under sixteen years of age.

My father passed away when I was 13 years old. He died

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