The Socialists Are Trying to Stop the Spread of False Information

Brazil prepares for another month of political battle as run-off looms, and in the meantime, the issue of the alleged electoral “scams” by the party is being hotly debated.

Amidst the heat of elections, with a large proportion of the population engaged in political campaigns, the public is being bombarded with negative propaganda to cast doubt on the democratic system.

The government is taking steps to crack down on the spread of false information that is causing the confusion in the society.

On Friday, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (IMO) published a list of websites and social media accounts which are accused of being “peddlers of disinformation”.

The list included a Facebook page titled, “Votar o Partido Comunista” (“Vote for the Communist Party”), which was created two weeks ago and has had a total of 5,000 followers as of Friday.

According to the list, the Facebook page has shared information and images from the following websites:

A video published on June 24 on Vimeo, which claims that former Paraguayan president, Alberto Fujimori, who is currently fighting for his life in a U.S. hospital, was “cured” by a military operation conducted in 2009.

An image in which the face of former Paraguayan president, Alberto Fujimori, carrying a medical bag and wearing earphones, is shown on the cover of an Argentine newspaper La Nación.

An image in which Fujimori’s face is shown with a medical bag, an earphone and a sign with his name and a note that reads, “the president of the republic Alberto Fujimori underwent surgery in Buenos Aires on June 18”.

Another image purporting to feature Fujimori with the head of a dog.

An image in which Fujimori and a dog is shown on the cover of an Argentine newspaper.

The list also lists websites and social media

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