The Los Angeles Police Department reports two suspects broke into a woman’s home with her kids

Burglars break into Megan Thee Stallion’s Hollywood Hills home. A SWAT team confronts them, forcing them to retreat.

This is an update of an earlier version of the story.

Cops with their guns drawn were waiting in ambush when two suspects tried to break into a Los Angeles woman’s Hollywood Hills home Wednesday morning, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Megan Thee Stallion had just taken the kids to school, and they were waiting for her at the house, a few blocks from her home in the 6000 block of La Paloma, police said. The couple, who have been dating for about eight months, were supposed to meet for breakfast when they realized that the front door would not open. Stallion tried the backyard door, and the two suspects broke in as she was on her way back into the house with her children, police said.

Police arrived on the scene at about 9 a.m. One cop reportedly pulled his gun and pointed it at the suspects as they tried to leave, before officers forced them to the ground. The house and yard were filled with bullet casings, but nobody was injured other than one suspect who was hit by a car, police said.

Once the suspects were in custody, LAPD got a search warrant for the house. Inside, officers found burglary tools and a cache of methamphetamines, according to police. They also found a safe containing $18,000 in cash, a loaded handgun, hundreds of cash and jewelry, a stolen vehicle, prescription pads and other drugs, including cocaine, a police computer and a loaded handgun, according to a police report.

Police recovered $6,500 from the suspects, but they are still searching the house, hoping to find more drugs, the report said.

The couple is both being investigated on suspicion of burglary, according to police.

The couple is expected to be arraigned Thursday. Neither police nor Megan Thee Stallion’s attorney could be immediately reached for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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