Roger Federer Visits CNN’s Headquarters in Atlanta

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN anchor Paula Zahn

Roger Federer has expressed his love for CNN International, describing it as “a very precious channel.”

“We have many wonderful friends in CNN, and a friendship has now grown much deeper than was previously imagined,” the Swiss star said during a visit to CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta.

He also revealed his disappointment with the channel’s coverage of the US presidential election, saying: “I feel sad, and disappointed, and I wish that there was a better way of looking at it and looking at the world from our perspective.”

Federer also commented on his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin: “We are very close personally, even before we became more international. And I would not be surprised if in my next career, we would become even closer.”

Federer has won 13 Grand Slam titles in his career, and won the US Open in 2017.

He has also won the Olympic gold in singles in 2004 and silver in singles a year later. He later won the world championships in singles in singles for the second time.

He is the second highest-earning athlete on the list, after tennis star Novak Djokovic, at $15.4 million.

He has also won the French Open and Wimbledon in his career.

CNN has not commented on the comments made by Roger Federer.

The former world number one is in the US at the start of a tour by NBC Sports Group.

According to CNN International, the tennis star spent the day at the company’s headquarters.

Federer said: “Well, it’s always nice to spend time with the people I work with and learn how they work and see what’s on their minds and what’s on their minds. And it’s also always nice to work closely with the president of CNN International, and to work with the president of NBC Sports Group, and that’s always very rewarding for everyone involved.”

Federer is one of the sponsors of the WTA Finals, and helped set up the first women’s Olympic tennis event. He also has a

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