Biden’s Pro-Choice Campaign Is Taking a Big Step Forward

Biden to Pledge Codifying Abortion Rights if Democrats Expand Majorities in New Midterm Elections

As Joe Biden’s campaign enters the final stretch of a critical race with a strong pro-abortion rights record that he’s been pushing in states like Ohio, he’s already made clear that he’ll be on the attack if Democrats take back the House and, by extension, the White House. Yesterday, Biden’s campaign released a memo titled “The New Battle to Win Back Americans,” in which the presumptive nominee called on Democrats to expand their majorities in the House in the 2018 midterms.

But Biden’s not just talking at the top of his lungs. Last month, he took a major step towards codifying into law what he already believes needs to be codified in law — women’s reproductive health rights. In a video message for the National Abortion Federation, he said he would “continue to hold” the organization “fully accountable” if they failed to enact laws to protect women. “If you work to help us pass laws that will protect the health of women, including our right to choose,” he said, “I will be 100 percent behind you 100 percent of the time.”

I’m told Biden has been pushing the pro-choice position ever since he first came out as pro-choice, in 2007. He’s also been very clear that he’s not opposed to same-sex marriage, he just thinks they shouldn’t be able to marry if it’s against the will of a majority of the people.

Biden is now in a position to give major pro-choice organizations the kind of moral standing and political leverage that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.

Of course, this is a good thing. If Democrats are able to expand their majority, they’

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